50 days of hospitality through Prayer

Spiritual Preparation for South Hills Christian Church 2019 Capital Campaign


As the ministries of South Hills Christian Church continue to grow and evolve, the congregation began to voice the need for a revitalization of the physical facilities at 3200 Bilglade Road. A group was assembled to begin prayerfully surveying the ministries and groups within and beyond the walls of the church that use, or would like to use, the facilities. The entire congregation shared in this conversation as we discussed visions for ministry and how a transformation of space could help to realize those dreams. The theme of hospitality seemed to be woven though each conversation.


Hospitality as our Focus

With hospitality as our focus, the information gathered from these listening sessions was presented to the Ministries Council, Board, and church leadership during the Fall of 2018. The next step was to share our dreams with an architect to begin creating assessments of the building as-is and to draw up plans for our vision.


Our Planning Team

The planning team and elders have set aside the 50 days between Easter and Pentecost as a season of prayer focused around the theme of Hospitality. Psalm 150 was chosen as a building block. This Psalm speaks of praising God with everything we have, every place we are, in every way possible. Is there a better way to enter into prayer for revitalization of a church building than praising God for the memories created here, the current ongoing ministries and possibilities of the future?


About the Guide


This is a guide, a starting point for personal reflection and prayer. Use it however you will. Each week has a prayer focus.  One week will be focused on how SHCC uses the building space internally.  The next week will be focused on how the space is used by the community and for people involved in the project. Each day of the week will provide a springboard for your prayers and thoughts in the form of a quote, writing, or a trip down memory lane or perhaps a look into the future.

During these 50 days of Prayer and Ponderings, consider yourself a psalmist. How would you write this psalm from your perspective?  Would you use words, or music, instruments, metal, glass, fiber, nature, pencil, paper, paint, colors? Try it! The possibilities are endless just as the possibilities of this facility. Bring your Psalm as an offering on Pentecost Sunday. In whatever way you choose, please join us in prayer during these 50 days for the vital and ongoing ministries at 3200 Bilglade Road and beyond. Praise the Lord!